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Belly at 31 Weeks

Belly at 31 Weeks

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The belly is growing more every day. I took this picture last Saturday. I still feel great, just a bit cumbersome and awkward. I am starting to want daytime naps more. Starting Monday, I will be able to nap whenever I like. Tomorrow, Friday, is my last day as a full time librarian.

Kal-el is starting to move around a lot more as he runs out of room. He is more of a stretcher than a jabber which I appreciate. At our last appointment, my midwife made sure he was head down and getting ready for the big day.

I will be 32 weeks on Saturday and the time has flown. I suppose I should get the nursery finished.


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How to Raise a Geek

I came across this video today and I think these parents are doing an excellent job raising their daughter. Ries and I can only aspire to this level of greatness. The dad says she was not coached and only watched the movie one time.

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29 Weeks Update

It is now T minus 11 weeks and counting. Ries and I have been in the middle of a major home renovation project (pictures soon!) and we are thankfully almost done. I am starting to have some nesting urges and I can not do anything in the baby’s room at the moment as it is filled with stuff that belongs in the living room. It is making me anxious and crazy even though I know, rationally, that I have plenty of time.

Kal-el and I had a check up last week. I have gained a total of 12 pounds, hooray! Just the right amount, my midwife, Jackie, says. I also had my glucose screen done to make sure I do not have gestational diabetes. The test involves drinking an orange glucose solution that tastes like flat orange soda and getting blood taken. It came back great, so I am free and clear. I also had my iron tested, which was low, but I am not anemic. Jackie told me to eat more green leafy veggies and other foods high in iron. No problem.

I continue to feel good though I am getting more ungainly. I have to wear shoes that are a bit more loose and put my feet up sometimes, but it is not terrible. Napping during the day is looking better all the time, but soon I will be able to nap to my heart’s content. My last day at work is February 29th. I am so glad. My only major complaint at the moment is that my gums are starting to bother me and my teeth hurt. I am taking extra care of them. If this is the worst thing that happens, I will count myself lucky.

Ries and I started taking Bradley Classes, a husband coached approach to natural childbirth. We like them and our instructor is very good. Ries and I have to practice relaxing every night. I love it! I get a body rub every day of the week. For those of you that did not know, we are seeing a midwife, Jackie Griggs, and will be delivering in a birth center instead of a hospital. When I have more time, I will post more midwives.

I am stayed home this morning to sleep in and do some things around the house. It is time for work though so I better get my fat belly moving.

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Goodbye to Samson


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One of our sugar gliders, Samson, passed away on Friday. He lived a long life. He was about a year old when we got him in the Fall of 1999. He had had a mixed life until he came to us.

Samson never liked “gliding” very much, because he was always a little beefy to be graceful. He was double the size of his partner, Delilah, and larger then his son, Puck. Samson was the first one to see what was for dinner and jealously guarded his mealworms and crickets. He liked to crab at Pullo whenever Pullo came a little too close.

He was laid to rest in our backyard on Sunday, across from Delilah. Samson is survived by his son, Puck ,and his adoptive family, Ries, Michelle, and Pullo.

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