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Ries Does Dad Stuff

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Ries spent the evening putting together things for the baby. This bouncy seat was a gift from Kal-el’s Aunt Katy. I watched the process and blogged it. What did you expect me to do?

The belly is 34 weeks strong. He loves to stretch. Today, I swear he was doing hand stands. It makes me laugh. I am still feeling great. I sleep like a log, in three hour stretches, even though I occasionally wake up hot and uncomfortable. My hands have been swollen in the mornings, so I am wearing my wedding ring on my necklace.

In all, pregnancy has been an adventure I have enjoyed. It is something new, though not always pleasant, everyday. We are looking forward to the next step: experimenting with different parenting techniques on our unsuspecting son.


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Thank you

Anybody who has ever given me a gift has probably notice how I visibly squirm uncomfortably.  I don’t like receiving gifts and for that matter I don’t like giving them either.  I know that sounds bad, but I just don’t like the personal interaction that comes with the exchange.  I blame it on my mom, who would not allow me to receive gifts at my own birthday parties.  Some of my most embarassing child hood memories were telling my friends that they had to take back a toy they had given me and trying to explain to their confused faces that my mom wouldn’t let me accept it.  I was also gifted with the gene that makes me a bad gift giver.  Whenever I give a gift it has to be perfect.  If it is not perfect then it is not worth giving.  In my mind, it is not the thought that counts.  I know, crazy, but did I mentioned that I am damaged goods?  Don’t even get me started on Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand my mom’s thinking now about the birthday gift receiving.  God has blessed me beyond my imagination.  My family does not need for anything.  I sometimes want, but that wanting usually makes me think I probably have too much as it is.

 Sorry for ranting on my crazy psyche, this was supposed to lead to something.

Despite my crazy feelings and my uncomfort at receiving gifts I want everybody to know that I appreciate them.  I truly do.  To those of you who have come to Michelle’s baby showers in the last two weeks I want to thank you.  Thank you very much for all the wonderful gifts you have given.  With the baby coming and me being the sole bread winner now, I have to admit I was beginning to be slightly concerned about all the “stuff” we were going to have to buy.  Kal-El is truly blessed that he will start out in a world with so many people that care about him and his family.

Thank you.


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You’re my boy Blue

(Ultrasound at 18 weeks from conception)

I’m sorry I haven’t posted earlier to the blog. Even though this is my first experience in blogging I plan to post semi-frequently. I can’t think of a time in my life where I have been more busy. We figured it would be a good idea to re-floor the house before school started. That was January 12th, now a month and a half later I feel like that job is finally done. Because of course, flooring turns into painting and a project that was supposed to take at most one weekend took much longer. School started up and work got busy to create a perfect storm to suck all my time away. Oh yeah, and my computer broke. Yeah! I think this experience has cured me of any parental nesting that I may have been developing.

I am very excited to begin this new phase of life. This was Michelle’s first week staying home after quitting her job. It has been awesome so far. Let’s hope I say the same thing after all our money has drained out. But in reality I am not stressing over it at all and I love coming home to see her and she does a great job of keeping the house in order, which takes a lot off pressure of me.

I don’t want to rant too long, as I tend to do. There will be more posts in the future, count on it.

Ries — calmed before the storm?

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