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Due Date +1

Because I keep getting some hilarious phone, text, and email messages:

No there is no baby yet. I would have told you. I promise. Yes, I feel fine, just uncomfortable. I am ready, but he, obviously, is not. He will come when he is ready even though I am starting to feel like I may be pregnant forever. Seriously, I might end up to be the first documented case of Woman, Pregnant Forever.

Two years ago today, Ries and I got married at the Haak Winery. It was a wonderful day that has continued for two years. I look forward to many more. Ries likes to follow traditional gift giving on anniversaries and the second year is cotton. We are going to buy a nice set of new sheets for our bed. I know, how romantic, but remember, I married a very practical engineer. Besides, who does not love soft, high-thread count sheets?


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A View of the Jungle

Nursery #3

Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre

As promised, here is a picture of the nursery. You can see other pictures on my flickr page, tagged nursery. All of the photos have little notes, so if you go to the flickr page, you can view them.

Everything is actually, completely ready for Kal-el’s arrival. So anytime in the next couple weeks would be great. You hear that Belly?

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39 Weeks Belly

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I took this picture this morning, less than 5 minutes ago.

Yesterday, as I was sleeping in with Pullo, I realized that this will be the only time I will be able to be this lazy and pregnant. All the quiet time and naps I have enjoyed will be gone forever… soon. Next time I am this large and full of child, I will be chasing around a toddler. I am exhausted just thinking about it.

I am finishing up the nursery today, with the help of my Mom and Grammy, so there should be pictures soon.

It is absolutely beautiful outside today!

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38 Weeks

It seems like only yesterday I was thinking my belly would never grow, but now I feel huge. Last week, we had a growth spurt and The Belly grew 3.5 cm in 6 days. I sometimes wake up in the morning or from a nap and feel like a grew while asleep. We are both doing fine. I have gained about 20 pounds and feel good, unwieldy, and pregnant. My feet and hands are swollen all the time now which is irritating, but not terrible. I have enjoyed being pregnant, but I am ready to meet my little one.

My biggest fear, that of having a pokey outy belly button, has not yet occurred and I am hoping that it just gets more flat instead of poking out. The poking out business grosses me out more than anything else about being pregnant or giving birth. Crazy, no?

I am driving Ries insane by turning on the fan in our room in the middle of the night, regardless of the temperature of the room. I wake up comfortable and he wakes up freezing every morning. It must be torture living with a hot preggers.

Everything is washed and ready. The car seat is in the car and our bag is packed. We feel as prepared as we are going to be and we have faith in the process. Unfortunately, we think our little one will take his time getting here. He has not dropped yet and is still very happy to stay in Momma’s warm belly. Who can blame him, really? We think it may be more like the first week of May. Ries thinks Cinqo De Mayo may be the new target date. We shall see.

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