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Today is a big day at our house. Gideon had his first meal of big boy food. In the spirit of Halloween, we gave him a bowl of brains. Oh, I mean, rice cereal. I think he ate about a tablespoon and had another tablespoon on his face.

We are making all of our own baby food, so yesterday I had fun grinding brown rice and rolled oats and mashing sweet potatoes and avocados.

He will continue to get Magic Milkies from Momma for quite awhile, but it was time for him to move into the next stage of eating.

I think it went pretty well.


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Don’t be a girlie man and have a Happy Halloween.

Hear me know and believe me later. If you eat all that candy you will become like a flabby girl. Take it from us and just say no.

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I was trying to escape by digging to China on the beach, but I found this baby instead. He was so cute I decided to keep him.

I was unable to escape the in-laws.

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Blogging updates

I always struggle with the balance between too many posts and too few posts.  Lately, that decision has been made for me as I have trouble finding time to write a post.  But then when I do get some time I feel like I am boring the world with the mundane details of our simple lives.  I have this need to apologize for whichever decision I make.  I will continue to struggle against that urge and just post when I can and want.  You can’t please everyone, not even your own ghosts.

Like I said, we have been busy.  I would like to go into some details about some of the events I just haven’t had time.  Michelle has probably had even less time, because I would never dare imply that she might have more time than me.  Believe me, I’m going to get an ear full just because I wrote that.  We might get around to posting some stuff, like vacation summaries, but it is more likely that as time goes on they will become a memory not worth sharing.

Since vacation ended just two weeks ago, we have already traveled to Dallas / Ft. Worth for a wedding and celebrated Michelle’s 30th birthday at Saint Arnold’s Brewery tour.  All good times and all worth sharing I am just sorry that I don’t have the time and energy to post on it.  Maybe someday.

If you do want to satiate your appetite for all things Smith family you can check out Michelle’s pictures on line.  She has posted more there and may update them in the future.


On my belly

On my belly

And if you don’t want to do that, I have just thrown in a gratuitous baby picture.  It is simply one of the many adorable pictures that my wife sends me on our phones throughout the week.  There are more where that came from.

–Ries, making time

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Good Morning!


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I think the new alarm clock I got a few months ago, pictured here, is broken. I have been unable to find the snooze button. I wish I had saved the instructions it came with.

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Quick update

Well, we managed to survive the family vacation, barely.  I am now completely stressed by the amount of school work I have to do.  The worst thing is that we still do not have cable / internet.  I think Michelle is having withdrawal from her internets.

-Ries, doesn’t have time for this

p.s. Michelle just had her 30th birthday.  Boy she is old now.

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