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A Rude Awakening

One recent morning, I was jostled out of sleep by an insistent pushing on my shoulder. I thought Ries was poking me over and over, trying to wake me to feed Gideon. In my sleep addled brain, I heard him saying, ”Sweety. Sweety. Sweety.” Over and over while poking my shoulder.

I opened one eye to look and after a few seconds I realized what I was seeing. Gideon, who was in between Ries and I, had moved so that he was perpendicular to us. His foot was on my shoulder and his hand was on Ries’ face. He was pushing off my shoulder and hitting Ries in the face. Over and over.

Wake up, Momma!


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“… and then she had the nerve to stick her fingers in my mouth. My mouth! And she took the piece of dog food I had hidden in there. Right out of my cheek, when it was getting nice and soggy. I am telling you. They don’t let you do nuthin’ in this joint.”

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Attention to Detail and Care

We had the pleasure of attending two family events this weekend: a wedding and a baptism. The baptism was at my husband’s family’s church, a very large, well-known Baptist church in town. Unfortunately, we did not have a good experience with their nursery. After much thought, I have decided not to complain but rather to write about what my church does so well that I have become spoiled with the care and attention Gideon receives at our home church.

Gideon spends three mornings a week at University Baptist Church’s nursery. On Tuesdays, I have a women’s Bible study. On Wednesday, we go to my mom’s group and on Sunday we go to church. I never worry about him, they are always happy to see him, and we always return home with all of our belongings. Why is the preschool ministry so great? Besides the program itself, the attention to care and detail make leaving Gideon easy.

The volunteers and workers are trained and know the routines and expectations of both the parents and the church. I volunteer in the preschool area so I know that the policies are well known by the workers.

Whoever is in the room greets you warmly and gives you their full attention, regardless of the chaos of the room, as you drop off your child. They listen to your instructions or chit chat as if your child is the most important one they have that day (because to you, your child is).

As soon as Gideon is dropped off, a label goes on his bag and on his back. The label on his back has his name, pager number, age, my name, my location, and any special instructions (like feeding and allergies) for him. This labeling insures many things: all his things will remain his things; the workers know his name and mine; if there is a problem, my pager number is right there on his back and I can be paged or located in person; when he is picked up (in the event that I am a visitor or the workers are new to the room and the children), my sticker stub can be matched by name and number so that the right child goes with the right person. Without labels, some parents might be willing to trade-up. You know, take home a cuter, better behaved, non-teething baby than the one they brought. I considered it Sunday, but the room Gideon was in was full of crying babies. Maybe next time.

Each child is changed at least once (more as needed) while they are there. If Gideon is there for only an hour and half, he gets changed. If he is there for two and half hours, he gets changed. I never worry that my child will languish in his soaked diaper. After he is changed, he gets a sticker on his back that states when he was changed and what the offending diaper contained.

Every room has a window to the outside and the hallway. This allows both light from the outside to brighten up the room and it allows the parents to see more of the interior of the room. Rooms without any windows, interior or exterior, have a holding pen, gloomy feel to them. A room full of two year olds can be gloomy enough without this handicap!

I have become spoiled by my well-run nursery. I always appreciated them, but now I really appreciate them. I know it is hard to wrangle that many kids and parents and our staff and volunteers make it seem easy. I know it takes many hours and many willing souls. Thank you, UBC for caring about my young family. We appreciate you!

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I present to you, the face of sadness.

In this instance, he is upset because I had to go to the bathroom, thus leaving him in his room. He followed me down the hall, into the bathroom, weeping and wailing.

Teething is so hard. I alternatively have my happy boy and this Sammy Sadface. This face is why my email inbox was, until this morning, out of control, why the dishes have been piling up, and why I am so tired.


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Titanic Teeth

It has been a miserable couple of weeks at our house. Gideon is teething.

While never a great sleeper,* teething has made Gideon the worst sleeper ever. He used to get up once or twice a night and that was doable for us. Now he wakes up about four times a night with a soaking wet diaper and wanting to eat. He occasionally wakes crying in pain and bewildered. “Why the hell does my mouth hurt so bad!?” he screams. Frequently, he wakes up at 4 am, wide awake, and wants me to sing** to him for an hour or two before going back to sleep.

It sucks. I am tired and a bit cranky in the mornings. I grumble as I make coffee, *** shuffling back to Gideon’s room where he is enthusiastically playing with his toy radio and dancing.**** Only the young and insane can be that happy on so little sleep.

Gideon is grumpy and clingy during the day, interrupted by odd bouts of his normal self. His nose is a fountain and he has small fevers off and on as his teeth struggle to make an appearance.  This has meant that I have gotten very little done. I can not leave him to his own devices often as he wants the Momma all the time. My email inbox looks like I have been on vacation for a week (only 59 days until an actual vacation occurs), when Gideon crawls on the floor he picks up all kinds of dust monsters***** and promptly eats them, and I am plain tired from being needed so much every day.

He needed me a lot when he was little, but at least then he took a lot of naps to balance it all out. *sigh*

I am hoping the teeth arrive soon. Sadly, I know that after they are here more will shortly be on their way.

And, true to life, I hear the Wee Bairn awaken and off I go to comfort and kiss.

*If great is defined as that mythical baby that sleeps through the night. If you say you have one, I do not believe you. They do not exist.

**Current favorites include Come Thy Fount of Every Blessing, Loch Lomond, None But a Harper, andSweet Baby James.

***Thank you God. Thank you, thank you, that I can and do drink coffee again.

****Actual dancing with the swinging of the arms. It is adorable. Even on no sleep.

*****Dust Monsters – n. – Spring into existence when dust bunnies are left to copulate unchecked. Often result in curious amounts of appalling dirt and grass in the corners of your living areas.

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Sensory Bottles

Sensory Bottles

Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre

Since we do not use bottles or pump, I have a ton of extra milk bottles from when we were in the hospital. I filled four of them with different things I found lying around the house: pink feathers, some shiny confetti, kidney beans, and brown rice. Gideon loves them. He cried when I took the bean bottles away so he could eat his yogurt. He likes the ones that make noise the best.

I think I will make more with material of different colors so we can use them to practice the names of colors.

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Property of:

In which we discuss what belongs to whom.

Me: Ug. This sports bra is too tight. I am going to have to change into it right before I leave instead of wearing it all morning.

Husband: (looking at the discussed area approvingly) Yep. You do not want to interfer with the food production.

Me: *sigh* My boobs are just too big for this bra.

Husband: Your boobs?

Me: I guess they are not mine, really.

Husband: Those are family property.

Indeed. They belong to everyone in the house. Except the dog.

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