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We finished our first batch of beer that we kegged a while ago.  It seems like kegged beer disappears faster, especially when you invite your friends to share.  We are down to our last 2 bottles of Roggenbier, which turned out better than I expected.  Luckily we foresaw this shortage of beer coming so we have been brewing a few more.  We have a honey porter that is nearing the end of its aging period.  There is a hard cider (our first attempt at duplicating anything we’ve made) that is also in the aging process.  And we have two carboys that are sitting in our fermerator (fermenting refrigerator).  They will be done fermenting in about a week and then they are going into the kegs.  One is a double IPA (the one on the right with the hops floating in there) and the other is a Belgian tripel.

Sitting in the Fermerator


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This is Gideon with his friend, Caleb. It is so sweet to see them, even this young, really love each other. They get excited to see each other and enjoy stealing toys from one another. It is pretty cute.

Gideon and I have lunch with Christine and Caleb once a week or so. This gives the boys a chance to play and gives us some time to chat. Mommas need buddies too!

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I know Gideon loves me because he gifts me with his most precious items. Recently he held out his finger to me and said, “Mommy, I pick a booger from my nose for you.”

Just what I always wanted.

I took it, of course, that’s what Moms do.

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Gideon comes up with the most hilarious games. Well, they are hilarious to him and his laughter is hilarious to me.

We have vines that grow from our neighbors yard, over our fence, and then down to the ground. Gideon walks in to the vines and says, “I going into the wilds,” and then he “disappears.” It is so funny. He then runs out shrieking as if he has actually been hidden from view.

He will do this a few times and then request that we also go on an expedition into the wilds. We spend about 30 minutes doing this every time we go outside now.

Wild Thing!

Gideon already has a sandal tan on his little feet and he is getting that golden glow of summer. I am so glad he got my skin, ha!

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Sorry this is delayed but we were busy, doing birthday stuff and trying to fit our lives around it.

Gideon's 2nd Birthday

Gideon turned 2 years old yesterday (already!?).  We went out to eat pizza and then came home and had cupcakes and opened his present.  He received a multi-compartment bio-dome that contains an aquarium for triops (triops and food included) and areas for other ants and bugs to put in there.

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