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Our pumpkin, a large warty specimen, was extremely hard to carve, but Ries applied his muscles and Gideon took all the credit.

Saturday night, we all went to a family Halloween party which always has great costumes. We went as zombies.

This year was the first year that Gideon went Trick or Treating. It was cute. Here is the trick or treating group, consisting of Ries, Pullo, and Darth Vader aka Gideon.

Ries said Gideon did well though he did need to be prompted to say “trick or treat” a few times. I did hear that Gideon once used the phrase, “I want some candy!” but reverted to the accepted standard after that. After he got the hang of it, he started tattling on other kids who did not use the proper greeting for candy.

We also taught him to say “thank you” after he got candy. Ries had to prompt for that a few times as well. Once after receiving candy, Ries asked Gideon, “Now what do you say?” Gideon replied, “Can I come in?” At least he asked first.

I stayed home with Wicket and handed out candy. She was well behaved and liked seeing all the kids dressed up.

Overall, we all had a great Halloween. Gideon had a blast and that is all that matters. Here is my favorite picture from Sunday.

To see all our Halloween pictures, visit my Flickr set here.


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Recipe: Berry Limeade Fizz

This recipe is wonderful on a hot day, can be multiplied as a party punch, or for pregnant ladies who want to pretend they are drinking something “leaded.” It comes from a dear friend, and a new mommy herself, Melissa.

Berry Limeade Fizz

    1 regular can of limeade
    2 c. frozen mixed berries, about one small bag, any assortment will work
    2 liter bottle of seltzer water

Place the limeade mix into a large pitcher. Add the frozen mixed berries to the limeade. Pour the seltzer water over the limeade and berries until the pitcher is full. Stir until the limeade is dissolved. Serve immediately. Refrigerate the leftovers.

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