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Back At the Beginning

I am back where I started and it is a good place to be.

My first job outside of college was at the church which grew me through my formative years and took me back in after my wayward college years. When I most needed a job, I found one in the music ministry. It was not a glamorous job by any means, but no other job I have ever held has equaled it for benefits.

The people I worked with in that ministry taught me what it was to walk with the Lord. They showed me what being an adult Christian looked like and I was blown away by the honest truth of it. I found myself again during that time. It laid me on a path from which I would occasionally stray, but that I would never abandon.

I was just a secretary, but in that job I found family and friends and love. They taught me how to live life well and love others and to do so with joy.

I have had jobs since then. Jobs where I did good, but which were mostly about me. Jobs that I loved and that loved me back, but they were still mostly about what I did and what I could do. I was great at being a librarian, but I allowed my pride to take a large role in my life during that time and it was not a pretty thing most days. Pride never is.

I have been given the opportunity again to do something meaningful. To work behind the scenes and serve. I have a new job. I am the Women’s Ministry Assistant at my church. Yes, I am a secretary ten hours a week, but do not let the title or the small hours deceive you. It is a job in which all my efforts work towards the end goal of loving and serving others. All those benefits and I will still have time to serve my family and write.

I have the blessing of working in the family that has already been loving and shepherding me for many years now. My job will free the time of others to spend more time in service, something all believers are called to do. Love and serve.

I am back where I started and it is a great place to be.


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