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There is an inherent risk that you run when you begin blogging.  There is always a chance that something you say will offend somebody.  In some cases something you say is misinterpreted and sometimes people simply disagree with your opinions.

A couple days ago I wrote about my grandfather dying.  I am still very sad about it and I think about him everyday.  I love Grampa very much and I wish I had a chance to see him one more time.

In my post, I had mentioned that he had been “passed around” amongst his children and that he was sometimes difficult to care for.  Maybe it was a poor choice of words (Did I mention that I am not good with words?  Maybe I should express myself with numbers.) but I only meant to convey that he was a bit of a nomad, a wanderer, someone who was always between homes.  The fact that he was difficult sometimes was the truth.  Anybody is who has those kinds of health problem brings on new burdens.  It is one of those difficulties of life.  However, despite the burdens, my family gladly bore them.

The whole family loves him very much.  “Passing him around” between the siblings made it possible for each one of them to share the load when it was difficult but also share those last days with their father.  I only wish I was closer so that I could have jumped into that game of catch.

I’m not sure what to say if people are still offended.  I meant no offense.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say before because the news was very numbing.  I am still not sure how to feel but I felt I should honor my granfather with a post and I am sorry that I came woefully short.  Please forgive me and I am sorry that nothing I say can do his life justice.

–Ries, still misses his Grampa


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