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New Legos

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Thanks to some dear friends, Ries and Gideon were able to get a bunch of lego bricks last week. They had fun picking them out at the store. Since then, Gideon requests lego play often and his engineering daddy is only too happy to comply.


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Olympic Score

I am not going to take the time this year to bash NBC’s coverage of the Olympics.  Quite frankly, it was horrible.  Again.  Especially their primetime coverage.  Horrendous.  I can’t say enough about it.  So I will just stop there.

However, I do want to point out that I like to keep my own personal score of the olympics to determine which country “wins” the Olympics.  Although, cheesy, I do feel that every olympic athlete that makes it there is a winner.  I can’t imagine what kind of experience that must be.  And Olympic village must be the hottest party in the world.  Again, with the digressing.

I keep a number score where I give each medal a weight.  Gold worth 3, silver worth 2, and bronze worth 1.  Those numbers could be tweaked but I feel it is probably the simplest method.  Sometimes, the total medal count, which is quoted so often can be misleading if one country (usually USA) is winning a lot of bronzes but another country has fewer but higher quality medals.  But this year it played out in-line with the medal count.  The top 3 countries are:

  1. USA – 70 points
  2. Germany – 63 points
  3. Canada – 61 points

Maybe next time I will divide the points by country population or GNP.

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Veggie Tales Silly Songs has saved me from TV malaise. Gideon really loves music and we had been watching the silly songs on YouTube. I broke down and bought a couple DVDs Friday so he has been requesting those over the animal shows. They are amusing and get stuck in my head.

That’d be too bad. If my lips said “adios, I don’t like you I think you’re gross,” that’d be too bad, I might get mad.

I know there are great shows on in the morning on PBS, but Gideon still gets bored sometimes with those. He just enjoys the music a lot, which is quite fine with me.

We are still sticking to the 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon for TV watching.

Of course, the problem with having a sick child is that when they recover, they think they can continue to be coddled. Wrong! Gideon has been very sad to realize that all day TV and snacking are not our new awesome routines. I think that it will take us some time to get back to normal.

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New Computer – Check!

Now I need a new game to play on this computer.  Out comes Dragon Age, by Bioware.  I have been tracking progress on this game since it was first announced something like 4 years ago.  I love all things Bioware.  The love affair started with Baldur’s Gate.  Then came  Neverwinter Nights and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.  I loved those games so I was excited about the new Dragon Age.  They were working in it but couldn’t get a publisher or something along those lines so it wasn’t being pushed.  Then all of a sudden Bioware came out with Mass Effect.  That game was awesome too, but I have still been waiting for Dragon Age.  But now it’s out!  Convenient timing that I just finished building a new computer isn’t it? 😉

I really do enjoy video games.  I would take a month off of work and play video games from wake to sleep every day if I could.  I am always looking to get Michelle to play some games too.  Every once in a while she shows an inkling but her patience / dedication always seem to falter.  I think, subconsciously, the reason I try to get her to play is so that I don’t feel guilty for wanting to play so often.  I am now learning that getting Michelle to play also has its downside.  I got her to create a character and start up in Dragon Age.  It’s all over.  She’s hooked.  Now I have to actually share time playing with her.  That is not easy to do when I have no time as there is.  Not to mention when I have to do actual homework on my computer, then none of us can play.  Plus, who watches that boy of ours when we both want to get sucked into the game.  The dog?  When’s he going to start pulling his weight?  Michelle would probably be blogging about the game herself, if she wasn’t so distracted by playing it.  I’m not even sure that when I leave for work during the day that she doesn’t just lock the boy up and start playing.

So, anyways, I’m not really going to review the game or anything here.  There are plenty of places for that.  Let me just say that so far, it is living up to its hype and I haven’t even really gotten into the heavy plot aspects and I can already see myself playing it over a couple times.  Bioware simply makes the best storied games out there, hands down.

–Ries, can feel myself being sucked in, even from a distance.

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