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Safety First


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Always wear the proper safety gear when playing full contact sports.


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Olympic Score

I am not going to take the time this year to bash NBC’s coverage of the Olympics.  Quite frankly, it was horrible.  Again.  Especially their primetime coverage.  Horrendous.  I can’t say enough about it.  So I will just stop there.

However, I do want to point out that I like to keep my own personal score of the olympics to determine which country “wins” the Olympics.  Although, cheesy, I do feel that every olympic athlete that makes it there is a winner.  I can’t imagine what kind of experience that must be.  And Olympic village must be the hottest party in the world.  Again, with the digressing.

I keep a number score where I give each medal a weight.  Gold worth 3, silver worth 2, and bronze worth 1.  Those numbers could be tweaked but I feel it is probably the simplest method.  Sometimes, the total medal count, which is quoted so often can be misleading if one country (usually USA) is winning a lot of bronzes but another country has fewer but higher quality medals.  But this year it played out in-line with the medal count.  The top 3 countries are:

  1. USA – 70 points
  2. Germany – 63 points
  3. Canada – 61 points

Maybe next time I will divide the points by country population or GNP.

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Ries is right, I have been spending all of my free time the last week or so playing Dragon Age, which I can safely say is the very best game I have ever played. The graphics are astonishing and the plot is nuanced and intriguing. Sadly, unlike Clara, I am not ok with baby-gating in the kid while I play (though I have considered it briefly).

If anyone cares (and why wouldn’t you?!), I am playing a rogue elf from the city caste named Lady. She aspires to be an assassin, is witty, smart, and of course, a serpent in sheep’s clothing.

I have my computer up and running Ubuntu. After a few minor hiccups (the wireless was wonky and I forgot I HATE coding, but luckily with Ubuntu I do not have muck in the innards much), Ubuntu has been fabulous. I will have to give a full accounting of it later. For now, I think I will use nap time to do some library ranting (link up after I write post it).

–Michelle, just wants to play Dragon Age

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