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Not much of a story.  I must say that we are once again blessed beyond what we deserve.  Still, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little dissappointed.  Come on, how can you not love the drama?

We evacuated Thursday afternoon (should have left Friday morning, but my wife nags effectively) and made it up to my sister’s house in the Heights (NW side of Houston inside the loop).  We weren’t doing that whole 18 hour drive to College Station again.

We rode out the storm with the power going out around 9:30 on Friday evening.  Later that night we had to bail out water as the balconies leaked onto the second floor.  It was a pretty significant water.  Then later my sister’s locked double door got blown open.  So all and all it was a windy night with lots of rain.  The streets flooded and LOTS of trees were down.  But honestly, it was less exciting than I was hoping for but I know that is a good thing.

The next day we spent some time sweltering in the humidity and trying to clean up some downed trees so that people could pass through the streets, unlike the fire trucks that couldn’t get to the burning house in the middle of the storm.  I got some poison ivy during the clean up but how is that different than any other time I spend working outside.

It rained significantly later that night and the streets flooded again.  I convinced Michelle that there was no reason to hurry home on Sunday so we waited there another day.  We left the dog and sugar glider at my sister’s house and went to check on the house in the morning.  To our surprise, the house couldn’t have been in better shape.  We lost a couple of the trees that are between our house and the lake and a few of the smaller branches were in my yard.  The only damage of any kind came as a result of our beverage fridge in the living room loosing power and defrosting on the the floor, that caused a minor amount of warping on the edges of the board.  A simple towel would have fixed that problem.

There were a lot of downed fences and even a hummer that spent the next week submerged in the drainage ditch.  Going through Kemah and Seabrook you can see boats everywhere.  It is actually quite amusing.  I wonder how many people are still trying to find their boat.

Even more amazing when we got to our house was the fact that we had power.  Halleluiah!  We even had cable so we watched some news so that we could see what was actually going on in our city.  We still had ice in the freezer so we took it with us back to the Heights and grabbed our animals and went back home.

For some strange reason our cable was out when we got back and we have not gotten cable or internet back since.  We try to keep perspective because we know there is a lot of people who still don’t have power, food, or worse.  But it is crazy how much you grow to depend on TV and internet until you don’t have it.  My sister and parents still don’t have power.  My parents have been riding out this whole thing while trying to fight a flu that is going around.  I started back to work and school today.

Hopefully things can start to get back to normal.

–Ries, now has something in common with Tina Turner


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Home from Ike

We are home and the house is fine. We had some interesting fun with Ries’ family in North Houston during the storm, but we all survived.

Our biggest concern, we have no Internet or cable. It is a small concern indeed, so we are very thankful. God has continued to watch over our family. We are at the Harris County Public Library today using their internets and getting some books.

We will post more about our adventures later. I hope everyone weathered the storm as well as we did.

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The sun is shinning and there is a gentle, if humid, breeze on the air.  One would think this just another balmy September day in Houston. Alas, we await Ike, which has gained speed (meaning more surge) and continues towards us.

We made it to the Heights in a couple hours yesterday, so evacuating was nothing like Rita. It helped that instead of fear mongering, the media was stressing that only people in surge areas should leave and everyone else should shelter in place. Sound advice that.

No real news, just wanted to let everyone know we are more than ok. I am enjoying a relaxing morning with coffee and an uninterrupted Bible study. Being in a house with multiple people ready and willing to amuse the kiddo is nice. I was able to drink two cups of coffee before they got cold! Oh, the luxury!

It really is the small things.

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