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Morning Nap

Morning Nap

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Wicket has adjusted well to being in our family. Pullo plays very nicely with her. She on the other hand, jumps up to be level with his face and then swats him with a one-two punch. It is so funny. Wicket can jump very high and she does so with puppy abandon when she is excited.

Gideon is fascinated by her and loves to pet her warm belly. She sleeps on our bed for the moment, but will soon have to graduate to the nice bolster bed I bought her this week.

Wicket is on her second accident free day, so things are little less like a zoo here. She still has to be watched like a hawk. She has discovered that chewing on books is great fun, so I have been keeping a special eye on her.

Wicket is a sweet girl and I am glad she is with us.


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Because of his two febrile seizures, Gideon pediatrician wanted him to go in for an EEG. Though it is uncommon that febrile seizures cause or indicate something more serious, she wanted to be sure.

You have to be restful, i.e. still, for the procedure so they asked they we only let Gideon sleep about 6 hours last night. We were actually going to a neurologist who specializes in pediatrics so they have experience with kids. Still, my child is not a great sleeper and only letting him get 6 hours is no guarantee of a sleepy child.

As I predicted, 6 hours made him a bit delicate, but not sleepy.

Gideon was hooked up to a bunch of electrodes and then asked to lay still for 25 minutes. Amazingly, he did. We read a book about leprechauns that his Oma brought him from Ireland. They flashed a bright strobe light in his face a few times and they declared him done. The doctor came in and said Gideon was exceptionally behaved.


We will get the results back on Friday from our regular pediatrician. Thanks for everyone that has been concerned for him. We do appreciate all the prayers.

Gideon is still getting over bronchitis. He feels better, but you can still hear the mucus rumbling around. Ries said he sounds like a purring kitty. With the lack of sleep, even after a nap, Gideon is grumpy. He is still mad that sick time rules and behaviors do not fly anymore as well.

Mean, mean parents.

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Botched Seams

A post in which I attempt to sew a few things.

I should start out by saying that I do know how to sew. I have, in the past, successfully sewn many things. Today, though…

Yesterday, I cut two yards of fabric into the parts for two pairs of pajama pants for Gideon. One print was a nice dog print and the other had frogs and lizards. Today, after Gideon went to sleep, I set up the sewing machine and sat down. It was then that I realized I had cut the panels on both yards wrong. If I were to sew them together, one side of the pants would be printed and the other side would be the unprinted underside. There is no way to salvage that, really, so that is two yards in the scrap pile.

I called my Mom to confirm my mistake.

Next I cut the fabric I bought to make Gideon some pants for his pirate costume. This time, I cut them correctly. Whew. I put the backs together and the fronts, respectively and sewed the inside seam together, which I vaguely recalled as being the next step.

Wrong. By sewing up the inside seam, and the ahrder to ri I sewed up what should have been two legs. I also used small straight stiches, the better to hold and the harder to rip out as well. I put those aside to rip the seams out later. At least those are salvageable.

Since I had botched all the pants, I decided to a try the vest next. This was to be an easy affair, with very little seams because I want it to look raggedy. I was only going to sew the sides and shoulders, leaving the arm holes and bottom unhemmed. I cut the vest using a shirt as a pattern. I think it turned out well. I proudly sewed up the sides and turned it right side in to admire my handiwork.

At this point I realized I had sewn the arm holes closed.


I cut behind the seams and made arm holes. I reinforced the seams so they would not come undone. Gideon, by this time, had woken from his regrettably short nap. I had him try on the vest. Made some adjustments and I think it looks pretty good.

While Gideon ate lunch, I ripped the seams from the sad pirate pants. I will attempt to sew those tonight after Gideon goes to bed. Hopefully, this time I will not make such a mess of it.

The worst part of this is that I feel, not mad or frustrated, but tired and defeated. I used very precious nap time resources on a mostly, useless endeavor.

Animal Atlas is over, and thus my computer time is as well.

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Ries and I bought Gideon a bunk bed yesterday. At the moment, it is in pieces in the back of my car, but one of the mattresses is on the floor of Gideon’s room. Pictured here, Gideon is enjoying an afternoon nap on part of his big boy bed.

I expect in a few days will will set up the actual bed and he can sleep on the bottom bunk. We will do this for a little while during naps, then for part of the night, and then eventually for the entire night.

Currently, Gideon sleeps with us. Here’s hoping for smooth transition!

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The Smith family is headed on another adventure.  Hopefully the last one for a while.  I am starting to burn out.  We are headed up to Chicago.  I was just up there a month ago for Bachelor party festivities, but this trip will take on a much different feel for me.  You see, this time my only role is as babysitter.  This trip is for Michelle.  She is attending the American Library Association (ALA) annual conference.  She hasn’t been to a conference in about one-and-a-half years.  I know she misses all her conference buddies and this was easily her most favorite part about her job.

A long time ago, she decided that she needed to go to this conference (she is running some pre-conference thingy) and that Gideon still would not be old enough that she could leave him for 3+ days.  As a result, I am headed up with her.  My only job is to watch Gideon during the day and show up at convenient times so that she can show off her child and to a lesser extent her awesome babysitter.

We are staying with a college friend of mine who now lives in Chicago, so I know I will still have some fun but it won’t be like last month when we were up until sunrise on consecutive nights.  I’m hoping it won’t be too bad trying to put Gideon down to sleep at nights without Michelle.  That is really where her powers trump mine and I become as good as chop liver to my son.  Night time feedings, I just don’t have the equipment.  But don’t worry.  I have new ammo in my sleeptime walking arsenal.  I have a new “song” to sing to him that I picked up in Costa Rica.  I try to pick tunes that have a lot of bass so that I can use my lower voice and soothing vibrations of my chest to put him down.  With all the talk of flying monkeys taking our bad son away, I remembered that march rhythm at the wicked witches castle in Wizard of Oz.  It works like a charm and it is easier to do for longer periods without leaving me breathless.  Singing Edelweiss and walking fast can really leave you winded.

So, pray for me and wish Michelle good luck (like she needs it).

— Ries, Yeoh – oh – ohee – oh

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Some of you may or may not know that I was a librarian before I was a chaser of a toddler. In July, I am going back for my first conference in a year and half. That may not seem like a long time to some people, but I was going to a conference every couple of months before I got too pregnant with Gideon to travel. I can safely say that I do not miss my job, but I dearly miss conferences, teaching, and seeing my friends. By seeing my friends, I mean geeking out and laughing over drinks. And of course, solving all the problems of every library in the world.

It is what we do.

I am working on a very cool program with a friend and frequent partner in crime. I was able to sit down and work on the program for a solid hour today because Gideon is taking a nap and I have nothing else pressing.

Beautiful, wonderful nap time.

Thank you, God for nap time. I think God made children need naps so that moms could rest, energize, and stay sane. I am positive naps keep me sane, both his and mine.

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Bed time Update

Things have been going better at bed time. For the past week, Ries has been doing the bed time routine of bath, story, and put down. I nurse Gideon after the story and hand him off if he is still awake.

Gideon does not like the hand off, but he has settled down and fallen asleep fairly quickly. The frequent wakings at night has dropped considerably as well with Gideon only waking a couple times a night to eat/be soothed.

As a result, the mornings have been much more pleasant around this joint. Nap times have been fairly easy lately as well. I hope the trend continues.

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