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Ries and I were blessed by an entire weekend alone last weekend. We spent most of our time at Messina Hof, but we took some time Friday to walk around Texas A&M’s campus. It has been a few years since we have been back and there are many new buildings.

It was amazing how things can change and yet feel exactly the same. We loved our time there. We had lunch at the Dixie Chicken where we spent so much time playing bones and drinking beer that I am amazed we graduated at all.

We also went to the Bonfire Memorial for the first time. After Stack fell, there was an impromptu memorial place where people left all kinds of things, flowers, rings, notes, but we have never been to the official memorial built years later.

I remember the day Bonfire fell vividly. Even the birds seems silent that day. Campus was in shock. Our soul had collapsed on that field.

Walking around that circle and reading the names of the twelve I felt like my whole body was an aching heart. A&M lost so much that day. We lost 12 comrades, beautiful people who loved and laughed and burned with the spirit that can ne’er be told. We lost a tradition that bound us together. We lost out heart.

The memorial is a beautiful thing. I wonder what current Aggies think of Bonfire, of the legacy it left, the lives touched, and the ones that it took from us. I hope younger Aggies know what Bonfire was to us, what the memory of it should be to them.

Bonfire was a thing built with love, a burning testament to our love for Aggieland. It was the symbol of our hearts and it still burns in our souls.


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Whew, glad that’s over

Now ends the fall semester of 2009.  I must say that it was definitely not an enjoyable one.  I seriously doubted that I was going to pass my classes.  When all was said and done I received A’s in both classes.  In retrospect I feel a little bit like Michelle’s sister Jennifer who used to always worry about her grades and tests.  I never understood why it got her worked up when everybody around her knew she would get an A.  I have a little more sympathy for her now but you also can’t blame me for my worries.  After all, I got a 32.5 of one of only 3 tests in one of the classes.  (Still not sure how I ended up with an A, I didn’t think I did particularly well on the final).

I have never worked so hard in a class and still receive bad grades.  I have worked hard and got good grades, I have not worked hard and got good grades, and I have not worked hard and got bad grades.  But never worked so hard and still struggle so much.  It was a new experience.  Combine that with this parenting thing, work being busier, and an extra 2 hours worth of commuting per day and this was a significant semester for me.

I’m just glad it’s done.

–Ries, just 6 more like that to go!

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