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We Have the Plague


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Life has been hard around here lately. Gideon was getting over a cold last week, when we realized he had contracted Hand, Foot, and Mouth Virus. This is a nasty virus that causes painful sores in the mouth. Gideon, usually a very good eater, has been living on applesauce, popsicles, jello, and chicken noodle soup. Thankfully, we are over the hump and the rash and sores are on their way out. He is definitely getting his appetite back. Yesterday, he ate 2.5 pancakes for breakfast.

Unfortunately, this virus can lie dormant for a few weeks and, though not causing physical symptoms, is still contagious. This means that we will have to keep Gideon away from his cousins over Christmas and he will not be able to go to the nursery at church for awhile.

This picture I took yesterday. Gideon is sad because he ate all of the egg I cooked and wanted more. I told him he could not have more until he ate his applesauce. Great sadness ensued. I was unmoved.


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Gideon knows when he is wet or dirty. He lets us know. He also alerts us when he thinks he has to go to the bathroom. Because of this, we have been “potty training” for a couple weeks now. I put it in quotes, because so far we have just been sitting on the potty with no success.

Well, Gideon has learned a couple things, but not how to go in the potty.

He has learned that if he is on the potty, Momma will read to him. He has a captive audience to request entertainment and request he does. We read and read and read. And read some more.

Gideon has also learned Itsy Bitsy Spider hand motions. I do not normally sing traditional toddler songs to him, but it is hard to make up hand motions to Lily the Pink. Songs with hand motions are more amusing during potty time.

It amuses me how quickly Gideon learns how to manipulate us to do certain things. Children are very crafty. I do not mind reading to him on the potty. I know eventually he will figure it out. Tantrums on the other hand are a new manipulation technique he is trying as well. Sadly, they do not work on me the way Gideon expects they will.

Other than complete ignoring, eye rolling and sighing are my two responses to tantrums. I know why kids get spoiled. It is much easier to forgo parenting and give into that annoying whine or all out fit. Anything to shut the noise up. Unfortunately, for Gideon’s short-term happiness and my ears, I want him to be a productive, lovable, and loving adult, not a spoiled brat that still acts like a 5 year-old at 25 years of age. That means, whining and tantrums get him absolutely no where.

Living with an almost 17 month old sure is not boring.

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