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Dental Care


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Gideon loves to brush his teeth and by brush I mean suck the toothpaste off his toothbrush. This is a picture of him, being adorable.


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Everyone in the Smith house has snot issues except for me. Translate that to: No one is getting any sleep for one reason or another. This is the reason for radio silence here on Defying Genetics.

A cold and teeth working their way out have made for a very sad and needy boy. A sad and needy boy make for a very tired and grumpy Mommy.

I have been trying to get Christmas up and care for The Sadness at the same time. This does not always go well.

Because we have been busy, Gideon and I went to get our Christmas tree without Ries yesterday. I now remember why I do not usually run this particular errand by myself.

I have eyes that are bigger than my living room.

The place we go has a variety of tree available for the price of $35. Tall, medium, round, skinny, lumpy, or triangular. I figured I wanted the most for my money, plus I really love live trees. I got a fairly large tree.

It takes up a large portion of the living room. It is so round that if I sit on the corner of my couch by the wall, I am unable to use the remote to change the channel on the TiVo. It does not block the TV, though just barely.

I suppose next year I will have to be more patient and wait for Ries to go tree hunting with me.

I tried to put ornaments on today, but Gideon was more of a hindrance than I had bargained for. Gideon does not like the ornament hooks. He just holds the ornament up to a branch, pauses, and lets go. I suppose he thinks that the ornaments will magically stick. I wonder what the Harry Potter spell for that would be? Appendere!

He was “helpful” with the lights, however, so we have a lit tree sans the ornaments. For now.

Hopefully, good health and dry noses will return to the Smith house without too much more sadness.

Siste mucus!

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Gideon likes to “brush” his teeth with us and I snapped this one morning while he was keeping Ries company.

After an absolutely terrible Sunday, involving very little sleep, a passel of crying, and some teeth trying to make their appearance, Gideon slept through the night last night. It was heavenly.

As a result, we are both happy and rested today. Gone is the whiny sadness that plagued my house yesterday. I like this toddler better than the one I had yesterday.

The teeth have yet to appear so we are still working with four.

Gideon is sitting in my lap, but I detect an unpleasant aroma emanating from the area of his diaper. Time for waste cleanup duty.

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I am convinced that the only thing those teething rings that you freeze are good for is picking up dog hair off my floor. I have restricted their use to middle of the night only.

This serves two purposes. It keeps the rings free of dog hair, mostly, and gives the poor Milkies a break. I am fairly positive Gideon nursed all night last night. I have the soreness to prove it. I say fairly positive because I would fall asleep nursing and wake up an hour or so later and he would still be attached. If I detached the little remora the whining would start. That was when I gave him the teething ring.


Teething has turned my happy baby into a whiny child. He has not actually whined before but this is full on whining. I hope the teeth come in before we leave for vacation tomorrow.

The Whiner is calling. Momma is needed. I will probably have to read Hand Hand Fingers Thumb 50 times in a row.

–Michelle, sleepless nights, nothing a little coffee does not fix

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Ries was gone all weekend, leaving me to be a single mom for the weekend. It went well, but Ries returned from Chicago with a sickness. Perhaps it is Swine Flu. Oink! He has been laying abed with a fever and aches since Sunday evening.

Gideon turned up with a fever yesterday, but I think he is working on his top teeth. His gums are huge, his nose and runny eye have been out of control for the past week, and he has those really fun teething poos. Two today so far. Yuck!

Other than an off again on again fever, Gideon has been acting like his normal self, mostly.

So I am stuck in a house full of fevered boys needing Momma. I think today, since we can no longer go to our playgroup due to the fever, I will start laundry for our upcoming trip.


–Michelle, bored

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Two Front Teeth

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After 2 months of hardship, Gideon finally has two teeth to show for his efforts. They are small, barely nubbins, but they are there.

I knew they had come at last when there was a pinching feeling as I nursed him this morning. A bit of a rude awakening, one could say. I knew the cause had to be the teeth and when he let me get a look, viola!

To get him to show off his pearly whites, I had to temp him with food as I held the camera to his face. We did a few takes and he was unhappy with my methods, but it worked.

Perhaps, the next ones will be easier or at least I will get a respite of a couple weeks before they begin their emergence.

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I present to you, the face of sadness.

In this instance, he is upset because I had to go to the bathroom, thus leaving him in his room. He followed me down the hall, into the bathroom, weeping and wailing.

Teething is so hard. I alternatively have my happy boy and this Sammy Sadface. This face is why my email inbox was, until this morning, out of control, why the dishes have been piling up, and why I am so tired.


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