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Give Thanks

I meant to actually post this on Thanksgiving but I have been sick all weekend.

However, I thought this was an opportunity to give thanks for everything this crazy year.  It has easily been the most trying year of my life.  But not for a second do I regret that.  I gladly give thanks to God for what he has given my family.  The trouble and strife that God allows to befall us just clears our minds of the things that are not important and brings us closer to Him.  At least that is how it worked for me.  I wish I could say it has the same effect on others.  I will try to keep this short and list the things that I am most thankful this year.

  • My son.  To me that says everything.  He is so precious.  He is the best.  I was so excited for his arrival and God wanted to make sure that I really knew what I was getting into.  I didn’t.  But it makes him all the more precious.
  • My self-sacrificing wife who gave up a career that she loved and her perceived identity to do what is best for our family.
  • Surviving Hurricane Ike.  Honestly, I never worried much, because that is not what I do, especially over things that you have little control over.  But I thank the Lord that all my friends and family that live in this area came out safely.
  • Family and Friends.  Their support, their love, their giving, and their companionship.  They are what makes life more than mere survival.
  • My family who have left in the last year.  You will be missed and I hope you all find a nice cozy spot and a rewarding task where you have gone.
  • Aggie basketball as it helps me mourn the passing of Aggie football.

And finally to you, the readers of this blog.  This has been a new experience for me but a rewarding one.  It scares me and excites me to know that people will actually be reading this.  So, if you are thankful and have the desire to post a comment then send a shout out just to say thanks.  We enjoy hearing from you.

-Ries, if your thankful and you know it clap your hands.


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Greatgrandpa LA


Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre

Last weekend, we went to Oklahoma to see Gideon’s Great Grandpa LA, Ries’ paternal grandfather. It was a nice visit. Gideon was, as always, wonderful, even on the 9 hour car ride. Here is a picture of Gideon with LA.

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Whole Wheat Pancakes

This post starts a new trend in which I will occasionally, by demand, post recipes that I like and some anecdotes.

Ever since Ries and I got married, Saturday mornings have been our time to sleep in (past 6), relax, enjoy each other’s company, and eat breakfast. I love to cook and feed people, so I like making things sans mixes. I have tried multiple times to make pancakes from scratch, but they never, ever, turn out as fluffy as Bisquick pancakes. My efforts always taste good, but are too dense or too flat.

This morning, I made Whole Wheat Pancakes and, though they are the best of my efforts, they were not as fluffy as I wanted them to be. Below is the recipe. Does anyone have a pancake recipe that works and tastes great that they would be willing to share?

Whole Wheat Pancakes

from Cooking Light Annual Recipes Dec. 2007

  • 1 c. flour
  • 2/3 c. whole wheat flour
  • 2 tbls brown sugar
  • 1 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 3/4 tsp salt
  • 1 2/3 c. milk
  • 1 tbl melted butter
  • 1 large egg, beaten

Mix dry ingredients together. In a separate bowl, mix wet ingredients. Combine milk mixture with flour mixture. Cook.

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No Helmet, just a tall head

We went to a specialist on Thursday and this is what we learned:

  • There is a 5 millimeter difference between one side of the back of Gideon’s head and the other.
  • His head is very tall and the helmet/band does not fix that.
  • The band would even out the back of his head, but it would likely not be a noticeable difference.
  • He would have to wear the helmet 23 hours a day for 3 months.
  • Insurance would likely not cover the $3,000+ tab.
  • The doctor said Gideon’s case was very mild and it was completely up to us whether he should have the helmet or not.

We decided that the difference in his head shape would not be significant enough for the effort of wearing the helmet or the money to pay for it. He will always have a tall sort of head shape, but if that is the worst thing wrong with him, we can count ourselves blessed.

Given that this whole helmet foray was aesthetic and not a physical problem, I feel at peace with the decision. Thanks for the thoughts.

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Prayer Request

Just a quick note. Gideon woke up from his nap, but I wanted to get this posted today and I may not get anymore online time.

Tomorrow, Gideon will see a specialist for positional plagiocephaly, a fancy name for “my baby has a flat head.” Though his case is very mild, I think, we are going to see a specialist that will tell us if his head will even out on its own or if he will need to wear a helmat or headband to reshape his head. It is likely insurance will pay for the helmet, if certain conditions are met.

I do not want him to have to wear a helmet for 23 hours a day for 4 months or so. I think his head will even out on its own. I think his case is due to being in the hospital and being squished in the birth canal for so long. Please pray for us, for guidance in dealing with this issue and that it can be resolved with as little intervention as possible.

I will post tomorrow and let everyone know what the doctor says.

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Well, There It Is!

Gideon has recently become very enamored of his boy parts. As soon as I unvelcro his diaper, even if he is half asleep, his hand whips down there and squeezes for all he is worth. I just imagine him thinking, “Oh, thank goodness! It is still there!”

It cracks me up, unless he is covered in poo and then I am trying the fend off his hands with my elbow while trying to clean all his crevices. I have often resorted to distracting him with a small toy at these junctions.

Geez. I was hoping I would be able to avoid this particular fixation for a few more months.

Boys and their weenies. *shakes head*

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Go To Your Room to Eat!

I feel extremely blessed for many, many reasons. I have gotten a lot of comments about our breastfeeding story on and offline. I admit that there are two things that have made breastfeeeding successful in our house: shear determination and the support I receive from my family.

I belong to an online Moms’ Group which supports breastfeeding, babywearing, midwives, and other (as my friend Bonnie would say) granola type things. With the holidays coming around, some of the ladies are facing opposition to their nursing practices, either their children are too old or they do not hide in a back room to nurse.

Gideon hates to be covered, so I only cover him when we are in public, actual public mind you. Someone’s house does not count though I usually ask if the owner of the house would like me to cover up. I have started to occasionally retreat to a quiet room to nurse Gideon. If he is sleepy, and denying it, I find it much easier to put him to sleep by nursing if it is quiet. He gets more distracted than he used to as well.

All that being said. A funny story was shared in my Moms’ group which was reported to be from Mothering. I could not find the original. A nursing mom was asked to cover up when attending a gathering so she left a basket full of blankets by the front door for guests with a note that read, “Babies will be nursing in this house. If you are offended by that, here is a blanket to cover your head.”

It just made me laugh.

I am thankful to my family and friends who support my natural feeding practices and do not make me feel like a pariah for doing what God made my body to do. My nursling and I both thank you.

Texas has laws protecting a mother’s right to feed her infant in any place she is authorized to be.

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