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I recently shared with you that Gideon believes that Mom does “all the things.” I have further evidence to support this idea.

Wash is an adorable 18 month old chap. He does everything his brother does (no matter how naughty), eats like a man determined to gain weight (he IS growing), and still only has 5 teeth (though he is working on two more). What he does not do yet is talk. Much.

He says some words: Ma. Da. Daw (dog). Mo (milk). Sna (snack).

Every once in awhile, he will say a word, like “down’ or “papa”, but then not repeat it again for a week or two. What is the most amusing, is his use of the word “ma.”

“Ma” means a lot of things. It means Mom, obviously, but it also frequently used to indicate the following:

  • Hey, look at me.
  • Look over there.
  • Put on my shoe.
  • Put this sock on my foot.
  • Gideon won’t stop laying on me.
  • Gideon won’t stop tackling me.
  • I want some milk.
  • I’m hungry.
  • I want a bath.
  • I’m ready for bed (this is accompanied by him man-handling my chest since bedtime is the only time he is nursed).
  • I’m excited! And yelling!
  • I peed in my diaper, please change me. Also, there may be poop.
  • My hands are dirty because I got tired of using my spoon for the yogurt.
  • My water is gone, please fix that.
  • The TV is not on. That needs to change.
  • Look at the ridiculous thing this Elmo kid is doing! Mr. Noodles is an idiot.

Ma can mean many things. Why? Because Mom does all the things.

This would be sad and tragic if I had a husband who was uninvolved in the house and our boys. That could not be farther from the truth. I am blessed with a man who does many, many things around our house and who adores spending time with his boys.

It has become the family joke, that I do all the things.


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Over the Smith family dinner tble we have a lot of interesting discussions, ranging from what we did that day to national and international news. Gideon participates, asking questions and adding quips. He usually interrupts the more boring conversations to him, the news, with requests to help him spell (sound out) words, his new favorite thing to do.

Last night, I was recounting Wash’s doctor’s appointment to Ries over dinner. Washington’s stats at 4 months are:

Weight: 16.03 lbs (60% percentile)
Length: 25.25 in. (50% percentile)
Head Circ.: 17.25 in (95.88% percentile).

We were laughing that the short, fat, large meloned babies the Miesmers are famous for definitely did not skip our boys as infants. I told Ries that the doctor said that his head was big because it has to “hold all those brains.” I added that Wash will be smart, just like his brother.

Gideon looked at me from across the table and said, “Now that’s a problem for you.”

I laughed and told him that indeed, it was going to be a problem for me. In fact, it already is most days.

Washington is progressing just like he should, babbling, laughing, grabbing things (and putting those things in his mouth), and doing push-ups during tummy time. He eats great and sleeps like a champ, going to bed around 9pm and waking up between 3:30 and 6am. That is a whole lotta sleep for this momma!

My boys keep me on my toes, with those big brain-filled melons, and I would not have it any other way.

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Wash and the Momdar

Things here continue to be well. We are all adjusting to our new life as a family of four.

Washington, which means purifying, really has been a renewing experience for me. Having an actual newborn at home has been challenging but fun, so far. Like many babies, Wash thinks being held really is the only way to live. I am trying to find a sling he likes, I have 4 or 5 different kinds, so that I can have my hands free. He also has a very sophisticated Momdar* tuned in perfectly to the range and distance of his favorite parent aka the one with the boobs.

Wash is a good nurser. His latch is great and we have not had any issues except his mistaken belief that he should be attached 24/7, literally. He protests loudly and starts rooting minutes after being disengaged. I have been discuraging this behavior with a clean pinkie finger and soothing words. It seems to be helping. Wash still eats every hour or so, but I know as he grows so will his spacing.

Amazingly, Wash sleeps for 3 hours at a time at night. His big brother, Gideon, sometimes wakes up more than he does. I have been getting some good sleep. Ries has been on Gideon duty and he has been more tired the last couple nights than I have been. Poor Daddy.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us and wished us well.

*patent pending

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Two weeks and counting

Here is a promised update, with pictures.

It is funny. I took a lot more pictures of my pregnant belly the first time, but I realized last week that we did not have many pictures of my pregnant self.

This picture was taken at about 36 weeks. With two weeks left to go now, I am ready for this baby to be here. Everything is washed and packed and I have wrapped up most of my professional obligations (or at least organized them). I have started to get pregnant lady fat face and my legs are swollen all the time. Everything aches and no position is comfortable for long. I would be perfectly happy, sitting on the couch all day, drinking tea and reading. That was what I did when I was pregnant with Gideon. Now, I spend most of the day chasing Gideon around and trying to keep the domestic duties from overtaking me. Being pregnant was so much more relaxing the first time!

My sister and cousin are also both pregnant (and I just found out I have a close friend expecting on my birthday!) so there are preggos everywhere. My cousin, Kara, is in the middle and my sister, Jennifer, is pictured on the right. They are both due May 12th. Funny but true.

Ries has been very sick with a nasty cold and sinus infection, so my usual partner and sympathy giver has been unavailable. He got some drugs yesterday from the doctor and I am praying he is on his feet soon enough.

Other news includes:
We got a concrete porch poured and though we have had too much sickness to enjoy it much, we have sat outside a few times and enjoyed the nice weather. In Houston, the weather will only be nice like this for a couple more weeks before we settle into the blistering heat of spring, summer, and fall. Wicket got fixed and so has been sporting a very fashionable cone for a few days. She is better behaved with it on and we briefly considered leaving her in it. Sadly, I think that may be frowned upon.

When Brother, whose name we have mostly decided on, arrives, we will be posting pictures here, sending texts, emails, Twitter updates (me), and facebook updates (Ries).

Now I think I will use the rest of quiet time to watch Veronica Mars and eat a piece of chocolate cake that my mother-in-law brought me. Hooray for cake.

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A long overdue peek at us

The Christmas season has been fun this year with Gideon. We have had some laughs explaining Christmas stuff to him. For the longest time he called the Nativity Scene the Activity Scene. In his defense, it was probably a pretty active place despite the lyrics of Silent Night. It has been special for us to be able to talk about Jesus with him. It is also hilarious to follow his logic. We went from a discussion yesterday about Jesus in the manger, to Jesus being hungry, to what babies eat, to how momma animals and people feed their babies. He asks a lot of complex questions. Regarding the reindeer and Santa he asked, “Why does Santa use reindeer?”

I have had a hard time explaining why we do not tell people what their presents contain. Gideon is so excited about it he does not understand why he can not tell right away! He leaned over to Ries the other night and said with his finger in a shushing motion, “We got you some surprise legos!” Not such a surprise any longer. I have resorted to not letting him help wrap or see presents to protect the contents from their recipients.

We have taken to calling the soon to be new arrival, Brother, at Gideon’s request. We are again keeping the name a secret, though we have yet to decide on any one name in particular. We do have a short list. Feel free to send us suggestions. Gideon was disappointed that Brother did not have presents under the tree because, “Everyone needs a present!” he said with dismay. I told him we could buy Brother something and wrap it, if he wanted.

I am already 25 weeks pregnant and I can hardly believe it, except when I look down at the huge belly I have grown. We are in no way prepared for Brother yet, but we will start in earnest in January with house prep, supply prep, and let’s not forget birth prep! It is different, being pregnant the second time, already knowing what to expect and knowing most things are a huge unknown. Chasing a 2.5 year old with a huge belly and decreasing lung capacity has also been exciting in its own way.

Life continues and we are exceedingly blessed.

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Originally uploaded by Wandering Eyre

Meet the newest addition to the Smith Zoo, Wicket, an 8 week old Great Dane. We got her from a local dane rescue group.

So far she is fitting in very nicely. She has some manners to learn and we are working on house training but she is a sweet girl. Gideon is very timid with her, as he is with most smaller dogs, and trying to figure out how to tell her no.

Pullo likes her, though he pretends to be aloof. He needed a big dog friend and she is already very feisty with him.

I am looking forward to being past the puppy stage, which is cute, but a lot of extra work.

Updated: I should add that the name Wicket comes from me listening to too much Slice of SciFi which discussed this character recently in a trivia bit.

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I think we should be back to our normal routine in this space soon. Recipes should go up like normal on Mondays and I will write more updates about our family life.

The last few months have been hard. I finished writing a book, though I am now in the editing phase and have yet. more. writing. to. do. After 4 months of concentrated effort, I was tired of writing and short on time. That pretty much accounts for the silence from me around here. The book should be well and truly wrapped up in a few short weeks and that will be that, thank God.

I just got back from a librarian conference, which are always fun. I will be writing regularly now at an old gig I used to have and I am excited about getting back up to speed professionally. I was also able to see a lot of friends, many of which I only see once or twice a year and who are very dear to me. I thought a lot while I was gone about the people in our lives that we care about. Besides my librarian friends, I also saw a group of friends from high school. That’s right. MCC Bands nerds in the house. It was amazing, hilarious, and ended with a bar I did not even remember being in the next day. Ah, memories I wish I remembered.

Seriously though. It was fun and I came home with a head full of great ideas and a heart full of friends. I am a blessed lady.

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