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“Yes I have found me a home
I have found me a home
You can have the rest of everything I own
cause I have found me a home

And the days drift by
They don’t have names
And none of the streets here look the same
There aren’t many reasons I would leave
cause I have found me some peace”

(Jimmy Buffett)

Gideon is now a world traveler. I hope that this vacation is the first of many we go on as a family. Traveling is one of the things that Ries and I have enjoyed together and, though it is different with a kiddo, it is fun now that we are a family.

We had a great time with the Miesmers, whom we do not see often enough. Now we just need to convince them to come to Texas for some good TexMex and some of the 100+ heat we have been having.

I miss the weather in the rain forest!


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My First Stitches

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We started walking to the waterfall on a gravel road. I was, as usual, carrying Gideon. My foot slipped and I started to fall forward. All I remember was thinking that Gideon absolutely must not fall on the ground. I twisted and took the weight of the fall on my right knee, then fell the rest of the way on my side, the opposite side that held Gideon.

I laid him on the ground, I knew I was hurt, and I was praying he was ok. Someone scooped him up and by that time he had started to screech. I have never heard Gideon cry like that. They told me he was fine, not a scratch, and that he was just trying to get back to me.

I glanced at my knee and saw a large gash. Ries came over with the intention of telling me to “walk it off” but then he saw that I was holding my knee together. It did not hurt, yet, but I am useless with blood and almost fainted.

Our guide, Luis, took Ries, Gideon, Gary, Cindy, and me to the local hospital. Luckily, there was not anyone else waiting for stitches and I was in and out in 30 minutes. There was still all the usual paperwork, complete with a mumbling guy behind some glass.

Because Costa Rica has social healthcare my stitches were free. I paid $10 for some neomycin and some bandaids. Awesome. Thank you Costa Rica.

The knee is a bit sore, but healing nicely.

The rest of the group continued to the waterfall, which they said was spectacular. Of course it was.

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Paos, the volcano


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Costa Rica has two volcanoes, Poas and Arenal. Arenal erupted while we were in Costa Rica. We left our villa and traveled to San Jose the last Saturday. We took a guided tour of Poas.

It was overcast, this being the rainy season and the mountains, so we did not see much. Suddenly, the fog cleared and we had a beautiful view of the crater. Then, it started to pour, a cold, drenching rain.

We hoofed it quickly back to the vans and headed for lunch. After a wonderful Costa Rican lunch, beans, rice, plantains, potatoes, and meat, we headed to a waterfall to swim. That was when disaster happened.

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Los Monos


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We saw monkeys almost every day in Costa Rica. There was a family of White Faced Moneys that came by every afternoon. They had two mommas with babies and one little monkey without a tail. These monkeys have prehensile tails.

We also saw a Howler Monkey one afternoon. He was harping on the construction workers down the road from our villa. Most days, we heard the Howlers but did not see them.

Gideon loved los monos. This little guy came right up to our boat on the mangrove tour.

Some monkey trivia:
Only monkeys have tails. Apes (chimps, gorillas, and homo sapiens) do not have tails.

Most monkeys with prehensile tails are found in the New World.

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We went on a boat tour of the mangrove forest. It was meh. Gideon had the right idea. He slept through all the boring bits and woke up for the monos (monkeys).

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Here is Ries going down the waterfall.

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La Catarata Adventures


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La catarata is waterfall in Spanish.

That picture is little old me repelling down a waterfall. We had to climb up and then repel down. Ries and I did that twice. I have two rope burns to prove my courage.

It was harder going up and down the first time, but the second time, I was more confident and enjoyed it more. It was very, very wet, empowering, and fun. I just told myself that I gave birth and after that a little waterfall was nothing.

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