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Ries and Michelle

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Happy you have put up with me for three years now aren’t they going to declare you a saint soon or something Day.

Three years ago, after many years of dating, Ries and I tied the knot for better or for worse. God has blessed us exceedingly with a partner that matches our strengths and weaknesses. I am so lucky to have Ries.

I love you, Sweety.

You better, you better, you bet.


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This past weekend we went camping with Gideon for the first time. We went to Camp Jellystone, a campground geared towards children. There were small children everywhere. I thought my head might explode. I like my kid and my friends children, but large numbers of small kids make me want to run screaming from the room. I prefer my ankle biters to be at least middle school age or older.

Small children in packs are like demons. Annoying, smelly demons.

But I digress.

Camping, or pseudo camping (not too many woods or wildlife, nice bathrooms, golf carts (seriously, golf carts, it was ridiculous) and way too close to your neighbor), was good. We had the company of some friends with a small child so we put the rugrats to bed and played dominoes.

Gideon enjoyed eating dirt and sticks all weekend. The second evening I put him in the tent with a book, hoping he would sleep. When I went to check on him, this picture is what I saw. He had figured out the zipper and was peeking out. It was hilarious and adorable.

Camping will be a frequent occurrence, so I am glad this first trip went well.

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This post is a few days late, but life has been busy.

Gideon has a new cousin! Isaac Audie Murrell was born on April 23rd. He shares his birthday with Ries.

I am happy Isaac is here and that his parents are adjusting reasonably well. As well as two sleep deprived individuals can be doing.

Gideon will no longer be alone in the limelight, but I think his ego can handle it. He has already confided in me that he was getting tired of being smothered by all those grandmas and he is happy there are more cheeks to kiss.

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Not the Milkman’s Baby

There is no way you can tell me that this is not my child.  Compare for yourself.

Ries version 2.0

Ries version 2.0

Ries version 1.0

Ries version 1.0

Sorry they couldn’t be one of the more cuter pictures but I was going for similarities rather than knock down adorable.  And whereas Gideon has a plethora of pictures to go through, the ones of me were limited.

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Fabulous Fenway


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Our last adventure in Boston was attending a Red Sox game. They were playing the Orioles which is Ries’ favorite team. He had high hopes of a win since the Orioles were on a winning streak, but they lost every game of the series with the Sox.

Gideon clapped for the Sox along with the crowd, which vexed his father and won him the admiration of the ladies behind us. They were all in love with our baby… and who wouldn’t be?

A game a Fenway park is a unique experience. It is a beautiful ballpark and the crowd is infectious.

The sardine-like experience of the subway after was less fun and Gideon was not a big fan, but once the train cleared out, he was happier.

Boston treated us well and it was nice to hang out with some family we do not see too often. Many thanks to Lance and Brittany who took the time to show us around their city.

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Taste Test


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Continuing the Boston series:

On Saturday, we took a tour of the local craft brewery, Harpoon Brewery. It was a great tour and the beer was fabulous. It is available sometimes in Texas, but I have mostly seen the IPA, which is not my favorite. I am not a huge fan of IPAs. Too hoppy.

Gideon loved the brewery dogs and he happily shared his crackers.

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Walking the Freedom Trail


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We took a guided tour of the Freedom Trail. Gideon appears here with our guide. He was very good, even if he was an ex University of Texas Professor.

We learned many interesting things including that fact that Paul Revere got caught by the British the night of his famous ride because he was too drunk on Flip (a local drink) to stay atop his horse. We walked the entire trail, minus Bunker Hill. It was fun to see all the things I remember from history classes.

We also took a tour of the USS Constitution, the oldest floating commissioned warship. It was very cool.

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