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Let us all pretend that I have not left this space silent for months while I amuse you with a diverting story.

I have said often that living with an engineer is different than living with a normal person. They see things in numbers and equations. They love building things. They like the tedium of reading the manual. *shudder*

Having a conversation with an engineer goes something like this:

Me: Wash banged up his head, again. Poor thing. He’s had a bruise in that spot for weeks now. Why does he always hit that same spot?

Husband, the engineer: He has a high offset c.g. that creates an extremely stable position with his head on the ground.

Me: *eyeroll*

That is a direct quote. I could only really explain part of it to you, but I will not embarrass myself by trying.

Consider yourselves amused.

See mom? I wrote something.


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